Not everyone is a born leader. This dog named Jack is. This Midwestern canine has just been made famous as he took his horse buddy named Clyde for a walk.

I must apologize to Jack. I only shared half of his name. His full name is Monterey Jack or "Jack" for short. I believe this happened somewhere in Indiana. Here's how his owner described this innocent animal leading animal moment:

Monterey Jack is my 6-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy helping to lead in my three-year-old buckskin gelding named Clyde.

At 6-months-old, I was dirtying up diapers and making my mom's life miserable. This good boy is leading a horse. #Overachiever

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I've heard that there are few dog breeds smarter than Australian Shepherds. This video kind of proves that point. Kudos to Clyde for being such a good sport and going along with this walk.

It seems like most of the YouTube comments are focused on the animal's names more than the feat of a dog walking a horse. Go figure.

This horse owner is quite fortunate that he/she has such a great helper in Monterey Jack. It's just more evidence that some are born to lead and others to follow.

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