Fall Festival week is quickly approaching, and even though we won't be able to enjoy all the deep fried deliciousness we usually do at Fall Fest, we can still help out non-profits.

For many non-profits the Fall Festival week is a massive fundraiser, so many are turning to setting up their food booths elsewhere. From October 8th-10th from 10A-4P you can stop by the VHS parking lot and get some delicious deep fried mac &cheese and other goodies from them to help them offset the loss of the Fall Festival revenue they rely on.

In fact in a Facebook post from VHS they said they have about $30,000 in lost revenue they need to make up, so this is one way to help them out.  They'll have half of their normal Fall Festival menu.

  • Lemon and Lemorange shakeups
  • Fried Mac & Cheese
  • Fried Green Beans

It's one small way to help out a great cause.  Other non profits are also setting their booths up across town to raise money, here's a list of non profit booths you can find, and help support. 

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