Todd Schimmell and Shelley Wallace know to be prepared for anything as Sheriff Deputies, but rescuing baby ducklings is not usually on their beat.
Deputies Schimmell and Wallace were notified by Mike Redman that some little ducklings had fallen into a storm drain at MLK & Locust in downtown Evansville.

A nice lady walking by actually stopped to assist with the rescue. Mama duck appeared to get a little sassy, but all was well once the family was reunited. Evansville police officers blocked traffic, so the rescued ducks could waddle back home.

This is what Deputy Schimmell had to say about their adventure, "Shelly and I were notified by Mike Redman who is filming the video that some baby ducklings fell into a storm drain. We were able to remove the cover and save all the ducklings. Momma was not happy at first but she stopped being upset after Shelly gave her the third duckling. Awesome job by Mike, the kind woman who stopped to help, and EPD for blocking traffic and making sure I didn't fall in! This was a highlight moment for Shelly and I! Feeling blessed to be able to help!"

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