A new unique hotel will be opening in Indiana this year that is unlike any hotel you've probably ever stayed in before.

We have featured several unique lodging destinations in Indiana throughout the years. It's always cool to break away from the norm when you're on vacation and stay someplace memorable that is unlike the average hotel. That's why places like Airbnb have become such a hit over the past few years. Well, now we can add another unique place to stay in Indiana that you just might want to experience for yourself.

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Tiny Urban Escapes

A group of women in Indianapolis is in the process of opening up a very unique hotel and tourist attraction. This boutique hotel, Tiny Urban Escapes, will be opening this summer in the Haughville neighborhood on Indy's near west side. So what is so unique about this hotel? Well, it's being built out of luxurious shipping containers.

Tiny Urban Escapes
Tiny Urban Escapes

Tiny Urban Escapes will be one of about seven hotels of its kind in the entire country, according to WTHR 13. Led by Robin Staten-Lanier, the goal of this new boutique hotel is to bring in corporate travelers and provide opportunities for local businesses and community events, as well as bring cultural heritage tourism to Indiana.

The hotel will be built out of four separate shipping containers with four different themes, with a gathering spot at the center.

You can take a little tour and learn more bout this new hotel opening in Indianapolis in the video below:

While there's no exact date due to construction, we do know that Tiny Urban Escapes will be opening in 2022 sometime. You can currently book a room for a later date on their website. See what all Tiny Urban Escapes will have to offer you by clicking here.

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