Thanks to more trail cameras being in the wild, we're seeing some very unique wildlife experiences. I would argue that none is more unique than a new one showing a coyote and badger going out for a friendly hike.

I must say that this is surprising. According to the person who captured this video, this looped trail camera video shows a badger and coyote seriously hiking together and both seem to be in a great mood. There's no mention of exactly where this video was taken. It's in the woods and there's a badger and a coyote in it. See for yourself.

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I was under the impression that badgers were not buddies with anyone. But, I decided I wouldn't go on an assumption. I actually Googled "are badgers friendly?". The results were enlightening. This led me to a summary from Pets Beast of who badgers are friendly to. The answer is nothing. Here's what they said:

Badgers aren’t friendly towards human beings or other animals. Due to their wild instincts and destructive nature, they are neither considered loyal towards other species nor be considered as good human-friendly pets.

Based on this trail cam video, they should make a coyote exemption.

The YouTube comments are very favorable for this badger/coyote alliance:

Heather Jones - "They're on a journey of self-discovery and adventure in the woods."

Lisa loves summer time - "Talk about getting along no matter where they are from or what animal classification they are. Friends stick together! So cute. 💗"

Let's all sing Kum ba yah and hold hands. If coyotes and badgers can be friends, we all can.

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