The town of Chandler, Indiana has issued an order that could affect how you use water in your home.

It has been very hot and dry over the past few weeks, here in Southern Indiana. On July 6th, Warrick County declared a burn ban "until conditions improve." While we have seen a little rain, since then, the burn ban remains in effect. According to Warrick County Emergency Management Agency's Facebook Post on July 19th:

The Burn Ban for the County is STILL IN PLACE. Although we did get a little bit of rain this past weekend, conditions are still very, very dry and with little to no rain in the future forecast it has been decided to keep in effect until further notice.
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Voluntary Water Conservation Order in Chandler

The heat and lack of rain have created a moderate drought in Warrick County and the surrounding area. Earlier today (July 21st), Chandler Utilities announced an order for part of the town that will help conserve water from now through August 31st. According to Chandler Utilities:

<p>Due to a moderate ongoing drought, Chandler Utilities has called for a voluntary water conservation order in our utility’s medium zone. The area effected in the medium zone includes everything between Jenner Road and Outer Lincoln Avenue, and between Hwy. 261 and Libbert Road, in Newburgh.</p><p>The voluntary water conservation order is in effect until August 31, and calls for the following actions by water customers:</p><ul><li>Minimize outdoor watering, including for irrigation purposes and filling of pools</li><li>If you must use water for lawn/gardening or pools, schedule outdoor watering for non-peak water use times; non-peak times are 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.</li></ul><p>Chandler Utilities appreciates your cooperation in minimizing nonessential water use during this period.</p>

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