Summer Fun Starts Memorial Day Weekend

Summer fun is officially upon us, and I think I found a place that you and your family might want to visit this year.

Memorial Day Weekend is typically when beaches and waterparks open up in the area. We have quite a few around here that people love to visit including Splashin' Safari and Scales Lake Beach. Both of those are unique in their own right, but I just found another beach in Kentucky that is unlike any that you may have been to before.

Karst Beach - Cave City, KY

Karst Beach is located in Cave City, Kentucky. Most people associate Cave City with Mammoth Cave, but did you know that it is also home to a floating playground?

Located inside Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, this 2.3-acre lake offers a sandy beach with a 1300 sq. ft. Wibit, an inflatable sports park. This thing looks amazing. It's full of climbing walls, slides, and other obstacles that everyone in the family would have a blast on.

Karst Beach
Karst Beach

The Wibit may be the highlight of the beach but it also has several other features that you would have fun with too including an inflatable volleyball net, inflatable loungers, and a small slide. Another cool thing that Karst Beach has is tiny disk-shaped boats called Corcls that everyone can paddle around on the lake and even race with.

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Do You Have to Camp at Jellystone to Use Karst Beach?

Karst Beach is a little over two hours away from Evansville. You could make a weekend out of it by camping at Yogi Bear's campground or just make a day out of the beach. It looks like something that should definitely be added to your summer to-do list. You can find out more about Karst Beach by clicking here and you can take a look at what to expect there through the photos below!

This Kentucky Beach Is A Floating Playground Everyone Would Love

Summer fun is officially upon us, and I think I found a place that you and your family might want to visit this year. 

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