One of the first shows that we binged on the Disney + streaming app was Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. The idea of not only having a destination wedding but having your ceremony in one of the most magical places on earth is so amazing. This is coming from the girl who eloped and got married in Calhoun, KY. I guess you could call that a destination wedding.

Maybe your magical place is a ballpark. Not just any ballpark, but the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium. Yes, you can actually have a wedding ceremony and reception at one of the nicest baseball stadiums in the world! You might be picturing a venue inside the Ballpark Village area (Which is an option) but I'm talking about the actual field.

Couples can exchange vows at home plate! Your guests are seated in the green seats behind home plate. You even get 2 hours of field access, an on-site wedding coordinator, and basically everything you would need for a home run of a wedding. Even though my courthouse ceremony only set us back about $30, I think the pricing for Busch Stadium is pretty reasonable.

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MVP Wedding Package - $6,000 - $9,000

    • Wedding Ceremony at home plate with guest seating in the green seats behind home plate
    • Reception to follow in the venue of choice (pricing varies by venue)
    • Wedding party-ready rooms for use prior to your ceremony
    • Access to the dugout and warning track for photos, weather permitting
    • Scoreboard & sound system usage during the ceremony
    • TV message in reception venue for the duration of the event
    • Complimentary self-parking for guests
    • Rehearsal for your wedding ceremony
    • Backup venue for your ceremony in case of inclement weather
    • On-site venue coordinator
    • Six-hour access, two-hour field access
    • $2-million supplemental venue-required insurance policy

The website says the average cost of a wedding in Indiana is close to $22,000. Another bonus to being in St. Louis, you could honeymoon at the zoo for free. That is actually where we went on our honeymoon!

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