The dinosaurs have taken over the St. Louis Zoo. Sort of. It is true though that you can see these prehistoric giants year round now.

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Is the St. Louis Zoo really Jurassic Park? Nope. But, that's actually a good thing as the special event dinosaurs are now visible year-round as the park zoo announced on Facebook today.

According to the St. Louis Zoo status today they announced the following:

This is a soft opening that includes all of the dinosaurs from last year! The exhibit will fully open with brand new features on Friday, April 8.

The official St. Louis Zoo website has all the details of "Emerson Dinosaurus". Through that site, they dropped a teaser video of what is coming to the Land Before Time part of the park.

It's believed that having dinosaurs in the St. Louis Zoo will be safe and contained. No danger that what happened in Jurassic World will happen to the big city? Right? Hello?

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