A very old former Missouri resident just road-tripped to a museum in Chicago. He/She/It used to be a dinosaur 75 million years ago, but is now being prepared to put on a show for you.

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ABC 7 Chicago reported that this dinosaur discovered in Missouri has now arrived in the Windy City. They say scientists "found the remains of a 35-foot long, duck-billed dinosaur, called Parrosaurus Missouriensis, in Missouri in 2017."

The dinosaur is now preserved in plaster that will be removed by museum staff and prepared for public exhibit. The video report estimates it will likely take years before you'll be able to walk into the museum in Chicago and see what this big dinosaur looked like.

Scientists believe this dinosaur was between 30 and 35 feet long and weighed 3 to 5 tons back in the days when it roamed the Midwestern plains. It wasn't a killer, but did have razer sharp teeth to deal with the rough vegetation of Missouri.

ABC 7 Chicago
ABC 7 Chicago

According to Wikipedia, this new dinosaur species was first discovered in Missouri in 1942. These 4 new specimens were found by a team in Missouri in 2017. This big dinosaur is the official state dinosaur of Missouri as of 2004.

When you think of locations where dinosaurs are discovered, you likely think of a western state like Montana or Wyoming thanks to Jurassic Park. In this case, this dinosaur is definitely a Midwest native quite literally found in our own backyards.

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