Dinosaurs are always in the last place you look. This is a great example. One of these extinct creatures was just discovered in the state that specializes in showing stuff: Missouri.

Kudos to KDVR on this find of the dino kind. They report that paleontologist Guy Darrough discovered a Parrosaurus Missouriensis. What's a Parrosaurus Missouriensis? I'm glad you asked. I have absolutely no idea because it's a brand new dinosaur not previously known. There is a Wikipedia page devoted to it though. Kind of. It's Hypsibema Missouriensis which was renamed Parrosaurus Missouriensis.

I'll simplify it. In its most basic form, it's a plant-eating dinosaur that looks kind of like a really scaley duck.

My first question is if Missouri will now create a Jurassic Park like the one in the movie. C'mon, you know you'd visit. Pro Tip: avoid the automated Jeeps.

This bad boy could have roamed Missouri millions of years ago although many of us believe it was much more recent than that.

It's a fascinating find in a state full of interesting history. Dinosaurs in Missouri...who knew?

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