Buc-ee's is expanding and it's getting closer and closer to the Evansville area.

The Texas-based convenience store chain, known for the abundance of gas pumps, clean bathrooms, and the unbelievable amount of things you can purchase inside has announced its second location in Kentucky. Buc-ee's will be breaking ground soon in Smiths Grove, just north of Bowling Green along Interstate 65.

Buc-ee's is huge, and when I say "huge", I mean HUGE. For example, the Smiths Grove, Kentucky location will be a 54,000 sqft building and 116 fueling stations. Yes, 116 gas pumps at one location! That's a lot, but that's not even the biggest. Currently, the largest Buc-ee's is the world record holder for the largest gas station in the world with 102 gas pumps,1,000 parking spots, and a 68,000-foot store.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, it won't hold that record long. A new location is being constructed that will beat that record in Sevier County, Tennessee, according to WATE. The Tennessee location will be 74,000 square feet with 120 fueling positions, EV charging stations, and a 250-foot long car wash

The Smiths Grove Buc-ee's location will be breaking ground site is in the southeast corner of the exit 38 interchanges, across I-65 from the McDonald’s restaurant, according to Bowling Green Daily News.

Buc-ee's has locations in other states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Kentucky is home to another location in Richmond. Hopefully, they will continue to move north and find themselves along I-69 in Evansville one day.

I had always heard about Buc-ee's but have never been. My friend, Ryan visited a Buc-ee's in Florida earlier this year and he loved it. He said that they have some of the cleanest bathrooms he has ever seen, which is something you want when needing to make a pitstop. He also mentioned that they have AMAZING brisket sandwiches made in the middle of the store in a smoker, a whole section of home decor and more, a deli and bakery, a fudge shop, and a literal wall full of beef jerky. That doesn't even begin to cover everything they have in stores.

Buc-ee's has it all, and I can't wait to actually visit. No word yet on when the Smiths Grove location will be completed, but it will be a huge hit for the area, and I'm sure that I will frequent the store quite often since it's only two hours from Evansville.

(H/T- WATEBowling Green Daily News)

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