During our monthly conversation with Shanna Groeninger from the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville (she's their Resource Development Director), we got an update about what's happening at the club these days. Shanna tells us about what they're doing to keep kids and staff safe from COVID-19, how they are celebrating Happiness Week (this week), and some of the important financial lessons they are teaching young members (April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month).

The Boys & Girls Club tries to provide programming for all different aspects of their kid's lives, and during the month of April, they are focusing on teaching kids how to be responsible with money. With the help of One Main Financial, kids at the club partake in age-specific activities to help them learn the basics like counting coins, saving money, and the difference between wants and needs, and more.

Take a listen to our interview to hear what else is happening at the club.

Visit the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville website to learn more about all of these programs, sign up for the club's summer program, or to fill out a membership application.

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What Exactly Does the Boys & Girls Club Do?

According to their website, the Boys & Girls Club provides "guidance-oriented character development programs for children 6 to 18 years old conducted by a full-time professional staff. The Boys & Girls Club of Evansville nurtures young people’s self-esteem by instilling in them a sense of belonging, usefulness, influence, and competence. Our Clubs do this daily by providing young people with well-rounded programming. Core programs at the Club engage young people annually in activities with adults, peers, and family members that enable them to develop self-esteem and to reach their full potential."

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