Desserts are my favorite part of the holidays. The older I get, the more I love sweets. A love of desserts and all things sweet runs in my family.

My Grandma Baxter was the queen of sweets. She would never admit it, but she really had a sweet tooth. On Thanksgiving, she would ask for a small sliver of pumpkin pie. Well, she ended up eating 3 or 4 small slivers. I guess it made her feel less guilty by only eating things in, what she termed, small slivers. She did that with every dessert we made over the holidays. Funny, she never cleaned her plate, but we always let her have dessert. I guess the rules were different for the kids. LOL.

Later, when she loved in a nursing home, before I went to visit her, I would ask her if she wanted me to bring her a burger and fries, or something like that. I thought she would love that because it would be so much better than the bland nursing home food. But, she would always so no and ask for a bag of Reese’s instead. So, she always got her bag of candy. I loved her so much. She deserved whatever she wanted.

I adore sweets too, but ready about some trending food news I saw something about a Thanksgiving ice cream. That's right, I said, Thanksgiving ice cream. Not to be confused with ice cream AFTER Thanksgiving dinner, no, this IS Thanksgiving dinner flavored ice cream. I'm serious! Salt and Straw ice cream makes Thanksgiving inspired ice cream flavors.

I love ice cream, But some of these, no, just no. Check out these crazy November flavors.

Maybe the Blood Orange Cranberry Sauce, but the other, NO. These are gourmet flavored ice creams so they are pretty pricey. Each pint will costs $65.

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