Fall is almost upon us, and you might already be thinking about those awesome deals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

When you think about how fast 2021 has flown by so far, it isn't hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Sure, we still have to get through Halloween first, but by now you and your family might already be making plans for Thanksgiving.

It's no secret that last year was far from the traditional Thanksgiving that we have had in years past. Many families were unable to come together as usual and many stores stayed closed on Thanksgiving. This gave many essential workers the much-needed break that they deserved after working throughout the pandemic, and it also discouraged large crowds in the stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

With the pandemic still rearing its ugly head around in 2021, that begs the question: What stores will be open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year?

Well, there's a bit of good and bad news for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shoppers in Indiana. Many stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving once again this year. So that means that Black Friday will be looking a lot like it did several years ago when stores actually opened early on Black Friday for sales instead of the day before on Thanksgiving. That being said, there will still be a few stores open on Thanksgiving for any last-minute items you might be needing for your Thanksgiving meal/party. The majority of them will be open on Black Friday as usual too.

So what stores remain closed on Thanksgiving 2021 and which ones will stay open in Indiana on Thanksgiving? Let's take a look:

Stores Closed Thanksgiving 2021

Here are the stores already confirmed to be closed on Thanksgiving 2021

Stores Open Thanksgiving 2021

Here are the stores that will be open in Indiana on Thanksgiving 2021

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