Even though we just sold our camper...wait...I need a moment...I'm kinda sad. Ok, I'll admit, a little more than kinda sad. We didn't even have it a year. But, when you get a call from somebody wanting to buy your camper, you listen. To be honest, it was a good deal that we couldn't pass up. We are shopping for another one so we will be happy campers again soon.

Anyway, back to camping in general, whatever camper I call home. One of my favorite things about camping is cooking. I know that is weird for me since I'm not really a cooker. I guess there is just something about camping that brings out the outdoor chef in me.

On recent camping trips, I have been so jealous of my in-laws and their new Blackstone Griddle. Have you heard about these? They are amazing. They can cook literally anything on the griddle. And, it also cleans up great.

So, in my preparation for my own Blackstone Griddle, I joined a Facebook group centered around the griddle. Yeah, that is how amazing it is. I have been saving recipes like crazy. I can't wait to get my griddle.

One Blackstone Griddle dessert idea that stood out to me was from Jaeka. First of all. I'm drawn to all sweet ideas and secondly, camping equals S'mores. Her idea turns the typical some old S'mores into a delicious dessert wrap or burrito. I guess my days working at Chi Chi's and my obsession with Mexican food make me turn it into a burrito.

Whatever you want to call it, a wrap or a burrito, it looks mouthwateringly incredible. Here is what Jaeka wrote in her post about her Blackstone Griddle dessert idea. (BTW, you can also cook this on a griddle or pan at home too. )

This. Was. AMAZING!!! S’mores wrap. I forgot to take a picture after I took it off before I started eating it. I rolled it in cinnamon and sugar. So good! Hubby said it was his favorite thing I’ve made all week while camping and only using the BS. (Blackstone Griddle

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