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I’ll be honest with you, I was thinking that the best selling sled on Amazon would be full of bells and whistles when I first start researching so I was kind of surprised to find this unassuming little guy at the top of the list. Once I started reading into all of the reviews, however, it became obvious why this sled reigns supreme.

Airhead Classic 1-2 Person Snow Sleds

Airhead Classic | 1-2 Person Snow Sled

For starters, you’re guaranteed one wild ride whether you opt for the single or double-rider version of this sled. Both are made from sturdy high-impact plastic that won’t crack in cold temperatures versus the flimsy, cheap brittle plastic that you so often run into with similar sleds. Molded plastic handles allow the rider to easily steer and maneuver down slippery hills whether the said rider is a grown adult or a tiny toddler with small hands in big gloves. There's also a conveniently attached lanyard to make pulling the sled back up the hills a total breeze.

After reading through the reviews it seems that the 35” sled is better-suited for smaller kids while the 48” option is more accommodating for double-riders, older kids and adults but both options have proven themselves useful in situations outside of the snow.

Two Person Toboggan

Y’all. People have ridden these things everywhere and raved about it. They’ve taken them down snow-covered hills, sand dunes, gravel driveways and even flights of stairs. There’s even a review from someone that used the round version (which, unfortunately, sold out just before this post was published) as a pretty stellar turtle costume but that’s beside the point. People have used these sleds to haul camping gear, firewood and entire deer on hunting trips. Ranchers have been using them to move hay bales, feed and newborn calves from barn to barn. One reviewer even talks about how well it worked for “water rides” and, while I’m not 100% sure what that means, they can definitely attest to how well it performed. I encourage you to scan the reviews on your own but am including a couple of my favorites here to show you what this best-selling sled can do:

"Has held up extremely well for my husband and extra large dog to play with, including when my dog carries it in his mouth. It's been a great purchase!" - Brittany

"This is the best sled we've gotten! In the north the snow must be played in. All the kids were out going down hills and we took this one it flew down hill faster than the others even got a few jumps in much to a not so fun moms horror landed after 5ft in air didn't break. Being the more adventurous mom I hooked the dog (husky) up to it thinkin what's the word that can happen and took a ride down hill. The dog decided to do his own thing. Down the hill and across the parking lot I flew - it was awesome! It was like being on a ride! I told the child he's gonna have I find a different sled this one is mamas." - Tired Mommy

"Bought these for the leaves and grass sliding here in South Carolina and then snow in Maryland - so much fun and deep enough the kids can't slide out." - Spike

"I needed something to help drag a hay bale from the hay shed to the horse’s pen. This very lightweight sled so far is working fabulously, slides across the grass/dirt/railroad tie very easily. Feels like the hay isn’t even there it’s so easy to drag. I can not believe it took me a full year to figure this hack out!!!" - S. Jones

"Just dragged out a deer on it, (what I bought it for) worked great." - gabor s korthy

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