I have had some kind of facial hair since about 1994 - for the first many, many years it was a goatee, and for the last decade or so it's been a full beard. Once I went to college I figured I should grow it out to draw attention away from my big schnoz. It's to the point now where my beard has become part of my identity - that identity is getting more and more grey each year.

Even though I look like an old man, I still  do my best to stay up to date with trends that have to do with men's clothing, fitness, grooming, etc. - that's not to say I actually take part in those trends, but I at least want to be aware of them. That's why I am so shocked, and almost ashamed of myself, that I am just now learning about the Monkey Tail Beard.

Just from hearing the name, you may not know what a monkey tail beard is, but as soon as you see one (and as soon as you stop giggling), you will immediately know how it got that name. You might even be impressed, I was. I was impressed with the skill it takes to shape the monkey tail, and I was impressed by the courage these men had to rock that think out in public. After seeing a gallery of monkey tail beards today, I assumed this was a new trend, but in doing just a little bit of digging, I found that monkey tail beards have been around for a long time. Where have I been?! How did I not know about this?! Why haven't I tried one myself?!

If you have the ability to grow a nice thick beard, and you would like to attempt a monkey tail of your own, perhaps the video below will come in handy.

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