If you are a fan of the show Friends, then you are going to love this Google trick. 

You can get on Google and search Friends characters and some pretty cool Google tricks will appear. Simply search "Friends (character name)" and click on the icon that will appear next to their name. So these are the five different things to search for:

  • Friends Ross
  • Friends Joey
  • Friends Chandler
  • Friends Rachel
  • Friends Monica
  • Friends Phoebe

Here's and example using Ross:

Simply go to Google and search the words "Friends Ross". Once you do that, the search page will open. You will see a couch next to Ross Geller's name.


Once you spot the couch, click on it four times...but make sure you have the sound on, and get ready to share this with your friends! You're welcome.

If you're a fan of the show, just seeing the couch icon already gives you a clue as to what will happen. It's part of one of the show's funniest scenes. The "Pivot" scene. Check it out:


Now, try it for the other characters. After searching all of the Friends characters, which Google trick is your favorite?

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