A new year and new baffling revelation have come to light courtesy of Gene Simmons of KISS. First of all, most people eat their cereal with some sort of milk. Me, I've been using almond milk for the past two years. Simmons uses milk too, but he adds something extra.

Exhibit A:

Now I laughed because Gene Simmons is one unusual guy and that has nothing to do with his putting on make-up and spitting out blood every night on stage. My mind then went to, "this is weird" but he has a point if you think your milk will get instantly lukewarm when it's been in the refrigerator. Huh?

Upon looking at the comments on his original tweet, the reactions were mixed, but I grew to learn a lot of people put ice cubes in their cereal bowl. But, Gene didn't stop at ice cubes. He also revealed as you can see above, he mixes Oreo O's and frosted shredded wheat!

It's madness! I know people who put ice cubes in their milk when they drink it, but the cereal hack is a kind of genius. I guess I'll turn down the temp in my fridge.

How about you? Is this weird or do you do put ice cubes in your cereal?

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