When it comes to snack foods, I love crackers. You would think that my snack of choice might be chips or candy, but no, it's any kind of cracker. I can't get enough. I really have to stop myself from eating them.

It All Started With My Mom

Remember when I told you that I had read an article about saltine crackers and butter being a new thing? Well, it isn't. It's an old thing. Unless they were having them crushed up in soup or chili, they were eating them with butter on top. Since they ate crackers that way, so did I, and I still do. Real butter too. That's the best.

Crackers For Crackers

During the holidays, my family loves a huge tray of different crackers and cheeses. Just a month ago, during my granddaughter's birthday, my daughter brought out a big tray and we sat and compared notes on our favorite new crackers. But, we all still agree that the Ritz cracker is one of our favorites.

TikTok Ritz Cracker Hack

It was just last year when I discovered the amazing purpose of the Ritz cracker ridges.  I guess I had never really thought about the lace-like edges of a Ritz cracker. It's just for looks, right?  Nope, the ridges aren't; just for looks and it involves the cheese you eat with the cracker. The CHEESE is the reason for their ridges. WOW!

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I can find no confirmation that Nabisco meant for the cracker to be used as a knife, but it works. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

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