Anyone who has driven in the city of Evansville knows a couple of things to be true. For example, during the summer months, you can expect to encounter orange barrels and road construction when driving around town. You also can bet that you're going to encounter some potholes too on your commute too.

There is no doubt that both are frustrating situations and while there's little you and I can do about the number of orange barrels, at least there is something that you can do to help with the pothole situation. So what do you do when you come across a pothole in the city of Evansville? You can actually report them to the city for repair. In a recent post to Facebook, Evansville Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke reminded us exactly how you can go about doing just that.

If you have a pothole in your neighborhood or one that you encounter on your daily commute, you can report it by calling (812) 435-6000 or you can share details about the pothole like its location by street address or nearest intersection and even a photo on social media using #evvpotholes. This is helpful in keeping the City Street Maintenance crews informed on where the latest potholes may have popped up so they can get them repaired in a timely manner, and hopefully before they get larger.

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According to Mayor Winnecke's post, road crews work all year to repair potholes so if you find one, regardless of the season, you can report it for repair so the next time you encounter a pothole, pick up your phone and call or use #evvpotholes.

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