Dogs are funny creatures.  Some are fearless.  Others are scared of everything.  One Owensboro Doodle has an unusual fear of her family's nutcracker collection and it's HOWLARIOUS (WATCH)!


We'd like to introduce you all to Jojo the Labradoodle.  She belongs to the Martin family here in Owensboro.  Since she was a pup she has had a love of chewing all things books, shoes, rugs, you know all the things she shouldn't.  On her first Christmas, the family noticed she was eyeing the family's Nutcracker collection and they knew they had to do something before these guys met an unfortunate end.


The Martin's knew they had to break Jojo of chewing before it was too late so here's what they did:

We decided to "scare" her with them, so she wouldn't bother them. We chased her around and made loud noises. She would hide behind the couch or one of us! Good news - she never chewed them when we put them back on the stairs. Now, every year when we pull them out, she is leery of them and is very aware of their presence on the stairs.


They wanted to make sure that JoJo knew those Nutcrackers weren't going to take any of her crap so they sealed the deal one final time.

Now, every year when we pull them out, she is leery of them and is very aware of their presence on the stairs. One night, we decided to turn the Nutcrackers around so they would look at her when she went down the stairs, and she was terrified!

DOODLE DISCLAIMER:  JoJo the doodle was not harmed in the making of these videos nor were any of the family Nutcrackers.

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