Escape rooms are all the rage and if you're up for a potential road trip, heads up that there's a St. Louis place that has an escape room themed after "The Wizard of Oz".

If you're at this Wizard of Oz escape room, you really aren't in Kansas anymore. Kudos to Only In Your State for taking notice of this and putting it on my radar. It's St. Louis Escape which has this wild room that would freak out even Dorothy and her little dog, Toto.

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This St. Louis place has more than just Wizard of Oz. There's a cellar, a pirate room and Egyptian also. If you like mummies, you'll want to pay special attention to that last one.

From what I've found, St. Louis Escape is located at 1517 South 8th Street downtown. If you see this, you're likely at the right place.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

I saw that the writer at Only In Your State listed the Wizard of Oz room at moderately-difficult which would mean I'd be stuck on the yellow brick road for years instead of that 60 minute limit.

We've got some fun local escape rooms like Mississippi Mind Trap in Hannibal. It seems like some of the escape rooms in St. Louis like St. Louis Escape are starting to incorporate some higher tech video features into their designs. It could be this next-level type of stuff that makes a road trip worth it to try it out.

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