I know it may be a bit too early to start talking about new fall treats.  Trust me, I love that it is still summertime and we can enjoy all the great foods that go along with it.  That being said, I am looking forward to the fall season.  Especially since there is a new Oreo cookie, I think we all can be excited about it.

When comes time for the fall, who does not love a fresh-baked apple cider donut?  They have to be one of my all-time favorite treats.  Well, Nabisco/Oreo will be releasing an apple cider donut cookie that promises to be just as good as the treat it is inspired by.  Now, I have to say that is a big expectation since getting a fresh baled apple cider donut from your local orchard is a quintessential fall tradition.  But given Oreo’s track record with seasonally inspired cookies, I think it is safe to assume these things will be good.

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Now, for the most important part, what will make these cookies an apple cider donut cookie?  Well, you can expect that the cookie pieces will be the traditional Golden Oreo cookies.  The filling will then be an apple cider crème.  Sounds like a perfect combo to make these things taste as close to real apple cider donuts as possible.

You can expect to see the Apple Cider Donut Oreos hitting grocery stores shelves next month (August).  I know it is a little early for fall things to be hitting shelves but that is kind of the norm nowadays.  Just keep in mind that these will be a limited release so stock up while you can.

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