Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale is apparently courting a new (and hopefully small) group of voters: drunk drivers.

Yep, this week, Hale actually argued against a new House Bill that according to the Missoulian would allow courts in Montana to "look back to impaired driving offenses up to 10 years old when someone is being punished for a drunk-driving charge, a change from the current five-year cutoff."

Hale's argument? DUI laws are "destroying a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years" and that they are not doing small businesses any good.

In fact, Hale argues that taverns and bars "connect people together" and that they only way to get to these places is either to hitchhike or drive. (For everyone's sake, we hope Hale has a designated driver -- or hitchhiker, for that matter.)

Watch Hale's argument below.

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