A few years ago, I had a cat named Millie. I used to call her "bus cat" because she was found roaming around an abandoned school bus near where I worked. I have way too much of an animal heart (if there is such a thing) and immediately volunteered to take her home.

Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson

Her time as a stray definitely gave her a taste for running free outside. Anytime she could slink through an open door, she would be right there trying her hardest. The first time she escaped, I covered every inch of my apartment complex searching for her. Luckily, some very helpful neighbors found her and returned her.

However, the second time she managed to bust out of the confines of my apartment, I didn't get as lucky. Of course, I searched all over the complex again late into the night without finding her. Defeated, I headed back to my apartment and immediately made posters to hang around the complex.

After a couple of days of worrying and searching, I finally received a phone call from someone who saw my poster and revealed that they had taken my mischievous cat to Evansville Animal Control where I was able to pick her up.

Unsplash/Artem Maltsev
Unsplash/Artem Maltsev

It is no doubt a scary feeling when your beloved pet isn't safe at home. When you're worried sick, it can be hard to think straight when trying to figure out what to do next.

It helps to make sure your pet has a proper license with its name, address, and phone number. Also, it is helpful to have your pet microchipped to make locating it even easier.

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What to Do If Your Pet is Missing in the Evansville Area

Luckily, the City of Evansville website offers helpful tips on what to do if you have lost your pet. Here are a few steps you can follow to locate and bring your furry friend home safe:

1. Visit Evansville Animal Care and Control to fill out a lost pet report. Make sure to follow up with them daily to see if your pet has been turned in.

2. Contact or visit emergency animal clinics, vet offices, and your animal's vet to make sure they have the most current information. In Evansville, there is the VCA All Pet Emergency Clinic.

3. Don't give up searching! Check with neighbors, distribute flyers with your contact information, and check during different times during the day and night.

4. Search areas surrounding Evansville. Animals can travel a lot farther than we expect. Make sure to check shelters and vet offices in the surrounding areas.

5. Place ads on Facebook pages such as Evansville Lost Pets as well as local newspapers. Check social media sites often to see if anyone has posted your pet as "found."

6. DO NOT call 911 to report a lost pet.

7. It is important to notify these sources when your pet has been found.

Unsplash/Japheth Mast
Unsplash/Japheth Mast

No one wants their pet to go missing, but it helps to know what to do in case it happens so that you can be prepared.  Our pets are our family and we want to keep them safe.

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