You've never seen anything like this place. These photos are both crazy and amazing.

Less than 40 minutes West of Cleveland in a small town called Amherst, you'll find the craziest Airbnb in Ohio.  Whether you're a musician, hippie, or just lover of music, this place is well worth $202 a night.  Sure, Magical Barn, Bock's Jukepoint has some of your typical Airbnb amenities like a kitchen, wifi, free parking, TV, private patio or balcony, and Children’s books and toys.  But it's all of the other stuff that this place has that few other Airbnbs have.  For example, a stage for live music, a huge party area for a live band audience, an outdoor bathing area, and the craziest hippie decor you've ever seen in your life.  Good thing pictures are worth a thousand words because properly describing this place is impossible.  Side note: Stefan & Stacey and friends built this amazing place out of mostly recycled materials.

Let's take a look at what may be the coolest party shack on Airbnb.  We'll start with a look outside and work our way inside.

MAGICAL Barn, Bock's Jukejoint AirBnB in Amherst, Ohio

Check out dozens more photos of this amazing Airbnb by clicking here.

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MAGICAL Barn, Bock's Jukejoint

Location: Amherst, Ohio

Cost: $202 a night (this price may change depending on the day(s) you book)

Bedrooms: 2 beds and 2 bedroom

Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms

Airbnb Hosts: Stefan & Stacey

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