During this pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs, and are having a hard time finding work. The EVSC is having the opposite problem; Not enough people to work. My son is currently enrolled in the virtual classes, so I can tell you first hand that more teachers are needed. The virtual teachers are, in most cases, also teaching a regular class in school. Getting your questions answered is not as easy as just raising your hand.

As of October 14, 2020, there are eight Substitute Teacher positions open. There are different types of substitutes needed. Apply Here

Bus Drivers are another vital part of school. We saw earlier this week that Warrick County is dealing with a bus driver shortage, and it's affecting drop off and pick up traffic. Currently there are three positions open in transportation. Apply Here

If law enforcement is more your thing, the EVSC has its own police department, and according to their job openings, they currently need a Chief of Police.

Maybe being the Lunch Lady (Or Lunch Guy) has always been your dream. There are several openings in the Food Service department.

Whether you want to make a difference, and a paycheck. Or you want to 'Beverly Goldberg' your kids to keep an eye out for them, there are many opportunities with the EVSC.

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