Live sports returning to TV has been the one bright spot of 2020, in my opinion. Unfortunately for recreation league sports players in Evansville who prefer to play instead of watch, watching it going to be the only way to get their sports fix for the time being.

The Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation announced Tuesday they would be postponing all indoor sports effective Monday, October 19th due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our area.

As the announcement states, this means those looking forward to playing "Volleyball, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, Table Tennis and Adult Hockey at Swonder Ice Arena," will only be able to keep looking forward to it for the time being. The announcement does not state whether or not the Department will allow those sports to play at a later time if COVID-19 numbers in the area start to decline.

While the decision was no doubt a difficult one to make, like all decisions to cancel long-standing events has been this year, the potential risk of spreading the virus posed by allowing people from different areas to congregate together indoors to play a sport outweighs everything.

The Department concluded the announcement by saying they would continue to monitor the area's numbers and post any and all updates on their social media outlets, as well as their website.

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