The Lloyd Expressway is probably the most dreaded road to drive on in Evansville, for many reasons. However, plans are in the works to make that commute a little easier. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is currently working on ways to make the Lloyd Expressway less hectic.

As you know, the Lloyd Expressway has intersections with some of the busier Evansville streets like  Burkhardt, Epworth, Stockwell, and Vann. Residents are fully aware of the struggles of waiting at these stoplights and how much time it takes up on their commutes. The proposed changes hope to fix that problem.

Below is INDOT's proposed update to the Lloyd Expressway for the 2021 Letting Cycle:

  • Epworth Road Intersection:  a hybrid intersection combining elements of a displaced left turn and a median U-turn The basic function will see eastbound traffic now utilize a signalized left turn to make a southbound movement with the lanes running parallel to westbound traffic. This will allow for continuous flow of mainline traffic. The westbound traffic will utilize a median U-turn to make a northbound movement.

Below are INDOT's proposed updates to the Lloyd Expressway for the 2024 Letting Cycle:

  • Vann Avenue Intersection: a “right in, right out” configuration, allowing only right turn movements into and out of Vann at Lloyd Expressway.
  • Burkhardt Road Intersection: A new displaced left turn. This type of intersection allows for continuous movement of mainline traffic and offers a designated lane for left turn movements.
  • Cross Pointe Boulevard Intersection: a hybrid of a median u-turn style intersection combined with a displaced left movement described above.
  • Joseph Avenue and Rosenberger Avenue Intersections:  extended left turn lanes to assist with congestion, with Rosenberger’s left turn lanes being offset.
  • There will also be three bridge projects and a pavement rehabilitation project taking place at the same time

My concern is that they might be a little too confusing for some folks. I'm sure there's an easier way to achieve the goal they are striving for...but then again, I am just a radio personality, I don't know anything about that stuff. INDOT is fully aware that these new intersections may cause some confusion, so they are planning public outreach concerning these projects. INDOT is also planning extensive public outreach concerning these projects. According to INDOT:

Included within those outreach opportunities will be education about the new configurations, public input meetings, progress updates and more. As the projects progress, INDOT’s goal is to make transparency the first priority.

Until then, here are some videos that might shed some light one a few of these intersections. The first video demonstrates the proposed Displaced Left Turn intersections.

Here is an explanation of a Median U-Turn or Michigan Left Turn:

Now, we want to get your opinion on these proposed ideas. Do you think these intersections are a good idea? What would you do differently?