Moving into a new house or even an apartment or condo is very exciting, but it can be a little scary too. Even though you my not way to think about it, there were other people who lived there before you. Through the years, many people lived in the place you are living in before you took top residence in your ‘new to you’ humble abode. If only the walls could talk. Or, maybe it’s good they don’t, right? The less you know about what they did, the better.

In several of the places I have lived, there have been weird spaces. You know, places within the house that are hidden, there for no reason or locked with no key. Places that, without knowing anything about them, scare you. In your imagination, you have a already cone topi with the worse scenario because your’ve plenty f scary movies and you know what happens.

I once discovered a random box, in the basement. It gave me the creeps. I left it, in the basement, on the shelf for months trying to decide what to do with it. So, eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I opened it. There was nothing inside of it, not a thing. Well, except for the evil spirit I probably just unleashed into the world by opening the box. LOL I guess you can name 2020 on me.

I’ve also found some very weird and unexplained things while taking down old drywall. Not sure why people leave things in the walls, but they do. I’ve found old dresses, books, newspapers and toys. All of it just game mw the chills. There were harmless, no ghost stories to report, but just super creepy.

The man, in the below video, had a locked storm shelter in his new house. One that hadn’t been seen to unlocked for many years. I’m not sure if I would open it. It's like a safe room. A safe room that locked from the outside. That means once you are in there, you cantle get out. No way.

His imagination ran wild imagining what might be locked inside. I think he envisioned treasures and wealth. That’s NOT what he got. What he DID get? A scare he won’t soon forget.

Take a look.

Did you jump? I did.

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