Even in the worst of times, on the most terrible days, kids have a way of making everything  better. Most times kids will cheer you up with a much needed smile, laughter, giggles, hugs or kisses. Sometimes, they can soften your hardened heart or ease your troubled mind with a song.

The adorable little boy, in this viral video, isn’t local, I think he is from South Africa. But, his happiness, positivity and precious, joyful smile, are universal.

During quarantine, my husband and I have enjoyed FaceTime playtime with our four year old granddaughter, Norah. She has her own tablet so she will call us at random times to laugh and play.

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We have played superheroes, veterinarian, Barbies, Paw Patrol, Wizard of Oz, Little Mermaid, and tons of other things. We even got to be her first audience for a make-up tutorial. It was a complete and spontaneous surprise. I will we could have made a video of the FaceTime. It was hilarious and shockingly good.

One weekend, not that long ago, after all my family had been quarantined due to COVID, she came to visit us in KY. She said she wanted to make a real video make-up tutorial. So, we did just that. Take a look.

Just the thought of her makes us happy every single day. God’s gift to the world ,to make us happy when we are down, is definitely children. They help us remember that everything is going to be alright.


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