Get ready to see more orange barrels on your daily commute from Chandler into Evansville.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has announced some more roadwork coming to the Chandler area. A couple of weeks ago, we reported a new worksite speed limit on State Route 62 from I69 into Boonville is 45 miles per hour. Many were confused by this because the only construction going on at that time was happening in the town of Chandler. I reached out to get some clarification on that. Jason Tiller, the District Communications Director with the Vincennes District of INDOT had this to say to clear up any confusion:

This is a moving operation and depending on weather and the work schedule set up by the contractor, they could be in any number of locations on a given day. Work zone speed limits are generally in a larger area than the work zone itself so that drivers have time to slow down and react in the work zone. You would create a bottlenecking effect by having the speed limit change right at the work zone limits and that has the potential to cause crashes and endanger the workers in the work zone.
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More Construction on SR 62

As confirmed by Tiller, this project is a moving operation. This explains the speed limit change along that stretch of road, and the project is moving along to a new section of State Route 62. According to a press release from INDOT:

<p>Beginning on or around Monday, May 16, contractors will begin restricting the east and westbound passing lanes on S.R. 62 from Lynch Road to the I-69 overpass for concrete patching work. This will include sawing out sections of aging concrete and replacing them as well as sealing the joints where concrete slabs meet.</p><p>Work is expected to last until Mid June, depending upon weather conditions. During this operation, crews will work in one lane at a time, beginning with the passing lanes. Once complete, the restrictions will shift to the driving lanes. No detour is in effect for this restriction, however loads wider than 12-feet should seek an alternate route using the nearest numbered state, U.S. or interstate routes.</p>

It will be even more imperative during this time that you adhere to the temporary worksite speed limit of 45 miles per hour on State Route 62. So consider this your "heads up" that you'll want to slow down and expect one-lane traffic in both the eastbound and westbound lanes for a few weeks.

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