When I considered my choice of career, radio personality was never something I saw myself doing.  But, after listening to my brother on the radio for over 15 years, suddenly, a job in radio came knocking at my door.

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During high school, I fell in love with theatre and speech. while in college, I decided to study to teach the two subjects. After teaching high school kids theatre for ten years, someone came into my office that would change my life.

A local radio personality had come to my office to ask me if I would like to be on the radio. I thought he was joking and explained to him that I already had a job. He then explained that it was just one part-time on-air shift every Sunday.

So, I thought about it and decided that I needed to follow the same advice that I gave my theatre kids.


Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

As soon as I opened up the mic, I realized that all I had studied and all of the theatre I had studied and I had performed up to that point, all led to that moment. My gifts, talents, and skills were coming full circle and leading me into a future of loving what I do and dreaming of being heard all over the country.

After 15 years, yesterday, that dream and goal came true.

I’m super excited to announce that I’m officially a nationally syndicated radio personality. It has been a dream of mine since I started my career in radio. Not only will I be LIVE on WKDQ every weekday morning with Ryan, but I will also be solo hosting a PM Drive show on all of the Townsquare Media Classic Hits stations around the country. The music is the soundtrack of my youth and I’m loving every minute of it. Now, I can share my ’I was almost a Loverboy groupie’ story, along with ‘That time John Cougar Mellencamp pulled up beside me on a motorcycle story and so many more. I love helping classic hits artists share their past, present, and future projects. "❤️"

I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and very mindful of how fortunate I have been in my life and career. I thank everyone who played a part in making my de=ream come true.

From my experience, I want you to accept life changes, and let them happen. If a door opens, move through it because, take it from me, that is where your incredible future lies.

You can listen to me from 2 pm to 7 pm CT or 1 pm to 6 pm ET - Monday through Friday - HERE, on one of my stations in Grand Junction, CO.

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