I feel like every day we learn about some feature that we didn't know our phones had. If you have an iPhone this is an important feature you definitely want to make sure you know about. Have you ever had something going on where you wanted to make sure you didn't miss a phone call, but maybe you had a meeting to go to?  Or maybe you're in a place where you want to keep your phone on silent, but you are expecting an important phone call from the doctor. I know when my husband worked nights, during the day he'd keep his phone on silent so the spam calls wouldn't wake him up. This feature would have been great for those days he was sleeping.

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iPhone has an "emergency bypass" feature which you can set for certain contacts. This feature will make it so your phone will ring if this contact calls regardless of whether your phone is on silent or not.  One parent posted about this feature on Facebook here's what Kelly had to say:

Parents with kiddos that drive or ones that stay home by themselves: If you have an iPhone turn this feature on! My phone is always on silent and I miss so many calls but yesterday I am glad I didn’t miss Hallie’s call and never again will I miss a call from my kids.
Go to their contact and select edit then select the ringtone and turn on Emergency Bypass. This will allow your phone to ring even if your phone is on silent.
I decided to check and see how easy it is to set, and it's really easy. I took screenshots to show you. For example, I'm going to use my mom's contact in my phone as the one with the emergency bypass.

How to Set a Contact as an Emergency Bypass on Your iPhone

This safety feature will make sure you don't miss an important phone call by allowing this person to bypass your phone's silent setting. Basically if your phone is on silent, if this contact calls you it will ring so you absolutely don't miss their call.

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