My one and only encountered with what I refer to as a UFO happened in my late teens.It is a memory that is so vivid, that when I think about it, it seems like I am right there in my parents backyard so many years ago.

If you have ever experienced a UFO sighting or encounter, you know it never leaves you. The feelings of shock, and terror you felt still run through your veins.

I think we feel this way because, just like the acronym implies, it IS unknown. That in itself is why it scares us so much. We don't know what to expect, or what might happen.

If I actually encountered alien life, I like o think it would be friendly and amazing. We would respect each other and stand in awe of our differences. Two of God's creatures, together at last, like siblings. Only, we get along like best friends.

But, I suppose the opposite could happen too. It could lay eggs in my stomach, devour my head, or anything in between, which would not be amazing or friendly.

BG shared a story with me of an alien encounter that happened in Loogootee, IN almost 30 years ago. Even though it happened so many years ago, it is still fresh in her mind.

Here is what happened on a dark October night in 1992.

In October 1992, my friend and I were at my mom's house and we had to leave to come to my place to get something. As we pulled up my drive, there was a UFO hovering between my shed and a tree. I asked my friend, "what the hell is that?" She whispered "I don't know."<br /> The object wasn't real big, it was almost flat, in an odd rectangular shape. It also had some kind of ridges on it. It didn't make a sound. When we pulled up, with my car lights on, it opened up underneath and a round yellow light showed up. Looking at it, all I could think of was "Beam me up, Scottie." I figured they could get me in the craft...I told my friend that I'm turning the car around and we're going in (I figured we'd be safer inside than outside) and don't look back. She whispered "Okay." So, we went inside and peeked out the door window (which was diamond shape). It was moving above the trees across the drive, real slow, still not making a sound. We were too scared to open the door to see where it went. After awhile we left and went back over to mom's, not knowing if it was out there somewhere. I had to come home by myself and I was scared for months. I spoke to a man with MUFON in Vincennes, and said it could come back. Now, when I take my dog out to where we saw the object, I watch the sky.<br /> This thing had no windows or lights, except for the big yellow one that opened up at the bottom. I have no idea how it was being controlled. At first, I thought it was the government doing something, except for that big round yellow light. I spoke to my friend's sister awhile back about it and she said it scared the s..t out of her. If cell phones were available then and had cameras, we could have taken a picture even though it was dusk. I don't know if we'd been brave enough to, though.

Sightings of UFOs in Evansville and the surrounding area happen all the time, Here are some videos that have been sent to me.

If you have a UFO story or video, send them to me, HERE.

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