Pre-Teen Assaulted by Two 12-Yr-Old Girls

Typically, for many girls, sleeping over at a friend’s house means binge-eating junk food, watching movies, and gossiping about crushes. Unfortunately, for one Logansport, IN teen, the sleepover she attended took a very violent turn when she was allegedly assaulted by two other 12-year-old girls.

The Logansport Police Department responded to a call from dispatch on the morning of February 26th concerning a beaten teen. Due to the ages of the parties involved and the nature of the allegations, the police department can not confirm specific information regarding details of what occurred.

Beyond Bullying

Regarding what details could be shared from video footage taken from a cell phone, Sgt. Dan Frye told WTHR that he would describe the events as “beyond bullying.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve had to watch some of the video, and it’s a good thing that we have some video, but it’s unpleasant to watch,” he said.

The Victim's Family Weighs In

According to Fox59, family members of the victim state that she was invited to what they thought was a friend’s house for a sleepover.

The victim’s aunt, Renita Contreras stated, “Two juvenile females sat on top of her for two hours so she could not breathe, they burned her with cigarette lighters.”

The family also reports the victim incurred lacerations to the face as part of her hair was cut off.

Her mother, Jaimie Tribett, said, “They didn’t bully her. They tortured her. Mentally, physically tortured my daughter and it’s not right.”

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Unanswered Questions

There are still many unanswered questions concerning the incident. Currently, police are working towards obtaining warrants for more of the cell phone video footage.

Sgt. Frye said, “This is the first I've seen it this severe as far as juvenile-on-juvenile. All we can do … is simply give the girl a hug and apologize to her that she had to deal with this. And we're going to do everything we can in our power to see that justice is served."

The Charges Against the Pre-Teens

One of the teen suspects was released to her parents following her arrest. However, according to the Cass County Prosecutor’s office, the other teen is charged with the juvenile equivalent felonies of battery resulting in bodily injury, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and criminal confinement resulting in bodily injury. Officers state the teen may face more charges as the ongoing investigation uncovers more information. The teen is also facing charges for a separate incident concerning an attack on another student on a bus.

If You Are Being Bullied, Seek Help

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