Breanna Marie Photography is located in north-west Indiana, and has recently gone viral because of her adorably scary Michael Myers photo shoot.  The photos show a story of an adorable little girl having a tea party, when interrupted by one of the world's most notorious slashers.  It turns out the young girl is her daughter, and she was the perfect little actor in this photo series.

Here mom was the photographer, and the guy playing Michael Myers was a family friend. She assures me her daughter wasn't scared at all, and to this day, her daughter still has no idea who Michael Myers is.  To her it was a fun day taking photos with a silly guy in a mask nothing more.  But what ended up happening was the photo session blew up on Facebook! We're talking to the tune of over 200K shares! Which when you look at the photos below you can see why, they're adorable and creepy. It's the perfect spooky combination.

Thank you to Breanna Marie Photography for allowing me to share your photos.  You can follow her photography page if you're interested in seeing more of her work.

Indiana Photographer's Michael Myers Photo Shoot is Adorably Creepy

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