Well we can file this under things we never expected to read about on the internet, yet here we are and honestly, we cannot say that we are surprised. I mean really... Who had urine bottles on their 2022 Bingo card?

The Wonderful World of Evansville Watch

For those not familiar, there is a Facebook page that was created over a decade ago called Evansville Watch. The very first Facebook status from the page was made on June 8, 2011si and read,

Dispatched: Female pulls into driveway in 7400 block of Darmstadt Rd and tells person she has dead body in her vehicle.

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It Only Got More Weird From There

Based in Evansville, Indiana, it is a page run by volunteers who listen to police scanners and report via Facebook status the things going on in the community. Sometimes they are totally normal things like a reported hit and run, but sometimes things get weird... really, really weird.

Some Crazy Status Updates Over the Years

There really have been some crazy, absurd, and just plain ol' Evansville occurrences reported on Evansville Watch over the years. There was that one time when they reported on the "Porn Hole." It was literally a hole in the ground filled with porn that someone stumbled across and then called 911.

attachment-porn hole

A Couple of Our Favorite Updates

April 8, 2013

4-08-13 Dispatch: General complaint on Hesmer Rd. Caller said his 15 y/o son got a haircut without his permission.

June 15, 2015

Fight at Kangaroo - 1650 S Kentucky. Female subject punched another female. She reportedly tried to attack a child too. Fight at Kangaroo, victim's description of suspect: "She was wearing a hat and her boobs were sticking out ..." Call 911 if you see boobs.


Modern Day Evansville Watch

It has been nearly eleven years since that first status about a body in the trunk, but the crazy, bizarre, and weird has continued across the city. Most recently, they shared details from the Evansville Police Department after a business on North Green River Road, (a nail salon is associated with the address shared by Evansville Watch) reported bottles of urine being thrown at the building. Specifically, Aquafina bottles - at least whoever is responsible is being consistent.

On 4/26/2021, at approximately 0830 hours, officers were dispatched to 2003 N Green River Road for a general complaint.
Officers arrived and spoke with the complainant who stated someone has been throwing bottles of urine at his business for the past 5 months. Complainant stated this happens about twice a week and the bottles have only been Aquafina bottles.
Officers observed 6 Aquafina bottles full of urine all over the place in front of the above mentioned address.

Ohh! Urine Trouble!

Ok, well not really you, but someone is going to be in trouble. According to the post from Evansville Watch, the Evansville Police Department would like to know if you have any information regarding the person or persons responsible for the urine bottles. See the full post below.

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