If you have ever listened to police, fire, and EMS scanner traffic, you know how difficult it can be to follow. My son Chase was listening to the app on his phone, and it was almost impossible to figure out who was going where. That's why our friends at EvansvilleWatch are so important to our community.


What is EvansvilleWatch?

EvansvilleWatch is a Facebook page that is run by volunteers that listen to police scanner traffic and post details about accidents, crime, fires, and medical calls. Of course, they do not post information that could interfere with any of the runs. In addition to keeping up with the calls, they also have to police the comments on their page. I've seen users go back and forth with insults, and this time someone took things too far.

Actual Footage of a Dispatch Meltdown

liberty gcsd
liberty gcsd

Election Night Incident

Now, I don't know what was said to upset the people that post for EvansvilleWatch, but Tuesday at 8:00 PM, they posted this: Feeling Heartbroken

Some people LOVE to hate others. Doesn't make sense to us but whatever...
Anyone that doesn't like us is more than welcome to block us and move along. We don't care and neither should you.
We're going to be signing off for tonight. We might be back online tomorrow.

Community Support

Anytime I hear sirens and I'm wondering what could be going on, I check EvansvilleWatch first. If there are no updates, I don't lose my mind because the volunteers that run the page have real jobs and lives too. The majority of the Evansville area understands how to be decent humans, but it only takes one bad egg to spoil it for everyone.


Top Fans

"I don't know what occurred to prompt your post, but we all know how trolls and haters work on public forums, therefore don't allow them to take away what you are so diligently doing, and that is keeping us updated, informed, and safe! Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do!" ~ Debbie Moody
"Take the time you need to, then come back, and we who appreciate you will still be here anxiously awaiting your return. Thank you for your service to the community." ~ Randy Adams

"Thank you for informing the community about what is going on in town. You are a valuable resource and are where I go to find out what is happening! Haters gonna hate… just don’t let them win! We appreciate your service to our community.Beth Calvert Petersen


 The information we share is posted as it is dispatched or as it happens. It is considered raw, details are not confirmed and may not be accurate.

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