When it comes to videos cute pets, animals, kids, babies, and, well...hot guys (Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, etc) are my favorites. And, not in any particular order. It just depends on what comes up in my feed. What? It does...sometimes.

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Cute Kid Videos

I can't get enough of cute little babies and toddlers doing cute little things. Maybe it's the grandma coming out in me.

My favorites videos are those that show you something you don't expect. Like the little girl with sass and attitude during her dance recital. You know the one. The video clip of her dancing, with her fellow dance students, tutu and all, went viral and turned into tons of GIFs.

We All Take Tons Of Videos

My husband and I will watch old of our kids and granddaughter all the time. The videos we took of Norah, when she was a baby, are so cute and precious. She did all kinds of funny things. She was always trying to talk, even when she couldn't say anything we could actually understand.  Looking back now, I can almost make out what she was trying to say.

Here is one of those videos of our sweet, Norah. She's almost six years old, now.

Kids and Grandkids Do Funny Things

Meet, Baby Noah. He is the one-year-old grandson of one of my lifelong high school friends. He is slowly falling into a food coma and it is adorable. I get sleeping just watching him eat his cake and fight to stay awake.

I think we can ALL relate to how you feel, Noah! Now, I need a nap, too.

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