Not just one attraction - but a whole town!

How does visiting a town that has outdoor activities, a floating winery, and is known as "The Winter Home of the Bald Eagle" and "The Key West of the Midwest." sound? Sounds like a blast to me. You can find all of that in the town of Grafton, IL.

A new study released by MSN revealed each state's most underrated attraction and Illinois' actually ended up being the town of Grafton. Grafton is just over 5 hours south of Rockford. Here's where it is on a map -

Google Maps
Google Maps

So we already mentioned some great things about Grafton. Can we talk about that floating winery? Not only is it a floating winery, but they also offer food, live music, and wine slushies! But the fun doesn't stop in Grafton, there's a lot more to do down in southern Illinois.

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MSN details -

And nearby? Two notable sites in the next town over, Alton: The site of the last Lincoln/Douglas debate, and the Historic Museum of Torture Devices. Truly something for everyone.

I mean hey, whether you're into wine slushies or torture device museums, you can definitely find your niche.

Another cool thing Grafton is known for is being located at the "At the confluence of America's two great rivers, the Mississippi and Illinois".

If you're like me, you don't know what confluence means. Let's learn together. According to Google -

the junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width.

Makes too much sense! So if you're looking to travel somewhere that's only a mini road trip away, don't forget about Grafton.


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