If you have ever had a husky dog as a pet, you will fully understand this. A new video shows one Illinois husky who was not super fond of the fact that the family had gotten a new cat.

It's important that you hang around until the end of this video for the payoff. If you're keeping score at home, here are the animals involved:

Hazelnut (Husky puppy). Pearl (cat). Oreo (Husky at door)

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The video begins with Hazelnut trying to play with the new cat because that's what puppies do. At the end, the camera pans around to show Oreo the husky who visualizes his displeasure with this new family member.

And that is why Oreo was kept outside. There's a good chance that Pearl the cat would be fleeing through the house if Oreo were turned loose.

As the AKC website mentions, the Siberian Husky is unmatched when it comes to wild personalities and intelligence. I would like to add that sense of humor is also a category where huskies should get high marks. Oreo could likely tour as a standup comedian and do well for himself.

One interesting aspect of huskies is that the AKC rates them among the best breeds for getting along with other dogs. It's funny that they don't mention anything about cats though.

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