Many stories of local history and folklore are passed down from generation to generation. Over time, the stories change, sometimes just a little and sometimes quite a bit.
My husband says I exaggerate my stories, I prefer to say that I make them better. It's like putting salt, pepper, or other spice into a recipe, you can eat it without these ingredients, but the dish is so much better with the prices added to it.
Often, I will write stories about things abandoned, (btw, I have one coming upon about an abandoned bowling alley, stay close, it's a good some) haunted places, ghost sightings, spiritual encounters, and even Bigfoot.
With those articles, I stay true to the story that has been told to me. It's important to almost investigative report when it comes to those kinds of stores, videos, or photos. I want to get the real facts from the teller's perspective. If I can get all of the details, as they have been experienced, firsthand, it makes the articles even creepier. Which, I love.
I came across this posting in the Haunted History of Kentucky Facebook group I belong to it made me think of how local folklore changes over time. Let me just be clear, though. If any of the details are true, then Haintin' Holler is THE scariest Place In Kentucky.
Here is the story of The Haintin' Holler and all its twists and turns.

The Haintin’ Holler

As it’s called by locals “The Haintin’ Holler” is located on HWY 3115, about 1/4 mile past the Gray Gap Road. It runs from there to about 1/4 mile from the end of Turner Branch Road. Turner Branch Road comes to a dead end with plenty of room to turn around. Though some accounts have placed “Big White Thangs" as far back as the creek at the beginning of HWY 3115 which is not far from the HWY 90 turn off to HWY 3115. In Burkesville, Kentucky, Cumberland County.

What Does Haint Mean?

Haint is an old southern word for a specific type of ghost or evil spirit found in tales from various regions of the south. Some Haints are restless spirits of the dead who, for whatever reason, have not moved on from their physical world,' it can be of any color, some see white, red, blue, & yellow.

What Have People Seen In Haintin Holler?

People of the area have seen a headless horseman, a trapper leading a horse with an Indian squaw has been reported, as well as odd lights from time to time, similar to the “Marfa Lights” in Texas. The most interesting report was the “White Thangs” There is a story of the “White Thangs” near the creek. Some claim a Bigfoot and reports of light-colored Bigfoot sightings from the area have been made for years. Many people have reported seeing a creature covered in white hair and standing more than seven feet tall.

Earliest Tales of Haintin Holler

The early tales of this creature claimed it ran on all fours and climbed trees. It would then lay in wait for people to walk beneath its hiding place, before pouncing on its unsuspecting victim. It is known for moving extremely quickly despite its size. This story later evolved to a creature that walked upright. Despite these early stories, many people claim that the White Thang is non-threatening. However, they are still scared by its scream, which has been described as sounding like either a woman or a baby crying. Some witnesses who report these noises say they were particularly unsettled when they saw the creature make it, especially - and quite understandably - in those cases where witnesses reported it screaming in their face while standing over them. Alternatively, some witnesses have described this scream as sounding more like a panther.

What Is A White Thang?

Specific details of the White Thang vary from witness to witness. Some of these witnesses claim to not be able to make out any details of the creature. Others have claimed it has no eyes or ears, in addition to being completely white. Still, others have said it looks like a bear with the head of a lion and red eyes. There are a couple of different speculations on what the White Thang might actually be. On the side of a plausible explanation, some have speculated it might be a large albino bear. On the more creative side, it's been speculated to be an albino Bigfoot, claiming it has red eyes and is 8 -9 feet tall. Another explanation is an apparition or even an interdimensional being. As with many sightings of this nature, some have also speculated the White Thang is an alien humanoid. This especially is considered when the lights appear near it and then both seem to disappear at the same time.

It's Colder In Haintin' Holler

It is said when you enter the “Haintin’ Holler” the temperature drops between 10-20 degrees F and on our way out of it, the temperature will rise to the previous level. No explanation can be given for the flux in temperature.
Thank you to Tonya Klaes for the details and retelling of the stories of Haintin' Holler.

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