You might want to take a look inside of your deep freeze and check the dates on some of those frozen pizzas because it could get you free pizza for an entire year!

I know, that sounds pretty strange but it's legit.

To kick off National Pizza Month on Thursday, October 1st,  Papa Murphy's Pizza is holding a contest where they're trying to find the person with the oldest frozen pizza in the country. Chances are, you might have an old one at the bottom of your freezer that has been sitting there for quite some time because, let's be honest, how often do you really clean out your freezer?

So, here's how this contest works...

The first step is the hardest: you have to actually dig through your deep freeze to find that old, fossilized frozen pizza.  From there, just follow Papa Murphy's on Twitter, take a photo or video with a clear view of the pizza's expiration date and post it on Twitter, tagging @PapaMurphys, using the hashtags #pizzaexchange and #sweepstakes.

Three winners will be awarded a one–year supply of Papa Murphy's fresh-made, never-frozen pizza, a brand-new freezer and a gift card to fill it full of whatever your heart desires.

The contest begins on October 1 and runs through October 8. Go home and check that deep freeze for old frozen pizzas and get yourself a year's worth of free pizza! You're welcome for the heads up...

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