You might want to take a quick look at your Christmas tree ASAP before your home becomes infested.

By now, millions of people have their Christmas trees proudly displayed inside of their homes. They are beautifully decorated with lights, ornaments, and garland. However, there could be something lurking inside of your real Christmas tree that you really don't want in your house.

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If you spot a walnut-sized, brown pine cone-shaped object in your tree, it's not something that you want to keep. As it turns out, this brown thing attached to your Christmas tree is actually a praying mantis egg sack full of 100-200 insects ready to invade your home. A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that has gone viral yet again of a guy in Cleavland who found one of these in his tree a couple of years ago.

While this post is from 2017, that doesn't mean that these egg sacks aren't in someone's tree in 2021. So after doing a little digging, I discovered that these eggs will hatch inside of your home because it's nice and warm. Perfect hatching environment as these eggs typically hatch outside in the spring. I'm just assuming that you'd rather not have hundreds of praying mantis babies crawling all over your house this holiday season. So what you need to do is clip the part of the branch that the egg sack is on and toss it outside, away from the heat of your home.

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