The title is out of total respect and love for my friends who are seasoned travelers. Well, here I am, almost two days away from flying for the first time and I'm actually feeling fine. Now that may change once I go to board, but for now, I'm calm and I'm excited. 

I sent out a second call to action to my Facebook friends and I got some really good tips. One old friend practically wrote a novel, seriously. One friend messaged me privately and asked if she could help me pack. And the ultimate, one friend has lent me a huge hard case suitcase.

Among the great tips I received:

-Roll your clothes, which makes sense to save room.

-Make sure and check the bags with your toiletries, and such or it will get thrown away prior to boarding.

-Wear your bulkiest shoes so that you have more suitcase room. I don't do bulky shoes, but that's a great tip.

-In that same vein, wear layers instead of packing a couple of clothing items.

-I got many "pack light" suggestions and I already know I will over pack, but I may be able to whittle it down before I head to the airport.

-Take an empty duffel bag for souvenirs.

-Get some allergy medicine so you don't get ear pain. That's one thing I'm a little freaked about, the pressure change. Oh, I'll have chewing gum ready to go.

-Be very cooperative with the TSA, those are people you don't want to argue with.

Honestly, getting through security is more intimidating at this point than the taking off-flying-landing part. As long as I can shake off all this build-up, I'll be more than ready for a week in the US and British Virgin Islands.

Wish me luck and be good while I'm gone and have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend...let the summer begin!

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