My husband is obsessed with pranks. It's almost like his mind is always in prank mode. He is always planning the next prank.If he ever seems lost in thought, he's just the set up for a future prank.  It never ends. You hav to watch out around him. He will get you.

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When we first started dating, he would always try to hide in places I didn't expect and then jump out and scare me to death. He did it so much, it got to the point where I always expected him to prank me around every corner. I became numb to it.

I tried over and over again to try and scare prank him, but it never worked. I realize now that I wasn't patient enough. Waiting, no matter how long for just the right moment, is key to a good prank. After many attempts to prank him, resulting in a ton of epic fails, I finally succeeded.

One day, I got home before he did. I immediately saw it as an opportunity to try, again, to scare prank him like he has so many times successfully scare pranked me. So. I emptied out a big plastic tub that we kept winter snow clothes in and climbed inside. I fit perfectly.

The tub was in the hallway going to our bedroom. I knew when he got home, he would walk into the bedroom to put his wallet and keys on the dresser and at that point, as he exited our room I would jump out of the tub.

It seemed like I had to wait forever for him to arrive. But, I also knew that the wait would be worth it.

When I heard him pull in the driveway, I pulled the lid over the top of the tub to make it look like it was closed and I waited. He did exactly what I thought he would do. He walked right past me to the bedroom, laid his wallet and keys on the dresser, then walked back out down the hallway.

That was m chance. As he was right beside the tub, pushed the lid off the top and stood  straight up. He jumped so high, screamed profanities and fell to the floor, screaming. IT WAS EPIC! We pretty much decided to call it a draw after that and focus on scaring other people.

One of his best pranks was with a plastic snake. Every time his friend would try and more toward it for a better look, he would move it away. And, every time he would move it, his friend would jump and scream.

When I saw this prank on Facebook, it reminded me of something my husband would do. But instead of to me, probably to his poor trusting mom.

This guy, pranked his wife with a Christmas yard ornament and he took a video. I think he will be in the doghouse for a long time and probably be on Santa's naughty list.


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