Angel here and growing up Homeward Bound was one of my favorite movies ever.  To this day I still cry over Shadow and his triumphant entrance.  Watching those animals try to make it back to their humans was gut-wrenching and exciting.  I was always afraid of losing an animal.  I can say that in my 41 years of being a pet owner I have never had a missing pet until last week.

We recently got a new kitten in July named Trudy.  She got her name because she basically showed up at our house one weekend and never left.  We like to say she "intruded" on our lives.  She quickly became Charlotte's kitty because she lets her pack her around like a baby.

This past weekend Trudy went on a Homeward Bound Adventure of her own.  She left our house last week and she normally returns home late afternoon and didn't that day.  We waited to post about her missing because we figured we would give her a few days.  On Saturday evening Charlotte figured out she was gone and cried all night long.  Yesterday I went to Facebook to post a plea with the community in hopes someone had found her.  To my surprise, I hit the post, and immediately my phone began dinging.  Someone had found our Trudy!  When I contacted them and asked where she was found he told me the front doors of Owensboro Health were five and a half miles from home.

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I couldn't figure out how she might have traveled that far until someone suggested she may have climbed into the hood of a car to keep warm and ended up in the wrong end of town.  In the photos they posted of Ms. Trudy she is very dirty and covered in something black which makes me think they are probably right.  Thankfully, Nicholas McDaniel and his wife were kind enough to take Trudy in and love her until we were able to reunite.

Here's the thing many people don't do this apparently and they either rehome a lost animal or don't even post and keep the animal.  Please don't do this.  There are multiple Facebook pages for Lost and Found Pets and you can take photos of your pet or the found pet and share them with others.

We actually found two dogs about a month ago and brought them home.  My post didn't find the owners but I was able to take them to a local vet and check for a chip and that allowed me to find their owner and give them a happy ending.

We are so thankful for the return of our girl and hope this story helps another family find their precious fur baby by creating awareness.

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